Songahm Taekwondo

8th Grade Orange Belt

Technical Information



Orange Belt Testing Requirements

A. Basics & Kicks = 1st stripe

    1. Outer forearm block

        Double outer forearm block - Twin low block

    2. Back fist strike

    3. Back stance

    4. Round kicks # 1-2-3-4

B. Form = 2nd stripe

    1. Songahm 2 = 23 moves

    2. Martial art attitude

    3. All of the above

C. One-step sparring = 3rd stripe

    1. One-step sparring #1-2-3

    2. Self-defense techniques




Move# Arm Move Stance Section
1. L Double Outer Forearm Block B H
2. L #3 Front Kick -- M/H
3. R Reverse Punch F H
4. R #2 RoundKick -- M/H
5. B Twin Low Block M L
6. L Outer Forearm Block F H
7. R Reverse Punch F H
8. R Outer Forearm Block F H
9. L Reverse Punch F H
10. L Knifehand Strike - Ki-hap B H
11. R #2 Round Kick -- M/H
12. R Double Outer Forearm Block B H
13. R #3 Front Kick -- M/H
14. L Reverse Punch F H
15. L #2 Round Kick -- M/H
16. B Twin Low Block M L
17. R Low Block M L
18. R Back Fist M H
19. L Low Block M L
20. L Back Fist M H
21. R Knifehand Strike - Ki-hap B H
22. L #2 Round Kick -- M/H
23. L Double Outer Forearm Block B H


One-step Sparring


(A) Attacker    (D) Defender


1. (A) Step back to left front stance, Left low block, step forward to right front stance, right punch (H). (D)Right foot steps back to right back stance, Left double outer forearm block, Left backfist strike (H), Right reverse punch (M), Left foot steps to right foot, Right round kick (M or H).*

2. (A) Step back to left front stance, Left low block, step forward to right front stance, right punch(H), (D)Left foot steps left  to evade punch in left front stance, Right double outer forearm block, #2 right round kick (M), Land in right front stance, left reverse punch (H), right foot adjusts distance, Left #2 side kick (M or H).*

3. (A) Step back to left front stance, left low block, #2 round kick (M or H). (D) Right foot moves to right to right front stance, Left double outer forearm block, or Left low block, Right reverse punch (M), Left punch (H), #1 Left side kick (M or H).*


*Finish each with a double step back to double outer forearm block.


Self-defense Techniques:


1. (A) Two hand wrist grab. (D) Reinforced hand shake-pull, foward/back elbow strikes.

2. (A) Two hand lapel grab. (D) Crossover leverage push, Elbow strike, #2 round kick to common peroneal.



The philosophical interpretation of the Orange Belt is:

"The sun is beginning to rise. As with the morning's dawn, only the beauty of the sunrise is seen rather than the immense power."

The beginner student sees the beauty of the art of Taekwondo but has not yet experienced the power in the technique.


FORM - Individual action

In order to develop good techniques, you should pay attention to detail for all basics (hand techniques). Such as the beginning point - where your hand starts, ending point - target, direction - shortest line form beginning point to ending point, rotation - twisting toward the end of your technique, and correct hand set up. A house which is built on sand will not last very long. Pay close attention to the 5 elements you see above.


Segments break down:  3 - 2 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 2 - 4 - 3


Songahm EE-Jahng (2) has 23 movements and its Ki-haps are on the 10th movement (left knifehand strike), the 21st  movement (right knifehand strike).


ONE-STEP SPARRING - Transition utility

Timing, is very important in one step sparring practice. Learn how to respond to your partner's attack, so pay attention in class to your instructor. Remember that in this type of exercise, you want to practice as realistically as possible.

When you defend, it is imperative to evade as double defense in each one-step sparring.

#1 is designed to evade backward, #2 is designed to evade left, and #3 is designed to evade right.



Chairman, Testing Committee * Chairman, Membership Committee


"Welcome to the American Taekwondo Association. As the National Chairman of the ATA Testing and Membership Committee, I would like to extend to you a special welcome to the ATA family which exceeds over 120,000 members. You have successfully completed the requirements to proudly display the second belt in the Songahm Taekwondo ranking system, the Orange belt. Wear it with pride and work hard on your new material so that this belt can be placed on display and you can tie a yellow belt around your waist.

Remember that to get to a destination, you must know where you're going. So, take the time now to make your short term and long term goals concerning your advancement in Taekwondo. Best of luck in your future and please come and introduce yourself to me if you see me at a national event."



Senior Master In Ho Lee



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